Author Visits

Julianne at a schoolJulianne Stokes believes that we need to encourage our children to make healthy choices now so when they grow up they continue to live healthy lives. If a child is forced to eat their vegetables they will be more likely to rebel, where if a child chooses the vegetable because they know it will be good for them they will then grow up to continue to make healthy choices.
Julianne Stokes can come into your school, library, or store for a reading of ABC Healthy and Dolphins Don’t Eat Donuts. She will encourage the children to make healthy choices. She will let them know about how healthy food will make them feel and the good things it can do. Julianne will give examples such as how the protein in their food will help build their muscles and that every time they run and play protein is used and needs to be replaced. Also, she will let them know that junk food will make them feel slow and tired.
If you are interested in an author/illustrator visit by Julianne Stokes please email her at