Julianne Stokes loved art from a very young age. During her adolescence she took small painting classes at the Long Beach Island Art profilepic72Foundation in New Jersey. In high school at The Pennington School in New Jersey Julianne pursued photography classes. After high school Julianne went on to study Studio Art at the University of Colorado. To finish her college degree she took teaching art and teaching literature to children classes. This is when she knew she wanted to be involved with children’s art. She also became interested in teaching. Julianne was a substitute teacher for 5 years and did the alternate route to teaching art for New Jersey.  After her second son was born she wanted to have more time at home so she began to focus on writing and illustrating children’s books. Her first step was to figure out what to write about. She decided to focus her books on what she is passionate about, healthy living.

Julianne Stokes is the author and illustrator of ABC Healthy, Dolphins Don’t Eat Donuts, and Ski Bird and Powder Piggy: Race to the Top. She believes in living a healthy lifestyle and is looking to encourage parents and children to make healthy choices. When Julianne is not writing and illustrating she enjoys spending time with her family in the mountains of Colorado or at the beach in New Jersey. Julianne and her husband have two boys and a girl. The family enjoys exercising together.  Whether it be skiing, snowboarding, biking, surfing, hiking, running, or canoeing they work some sort of exercise into their daily schedule.  Julianne and her husband teach their children that in order to enjoy these sports they need to keep their bodies fueled with healthy food.

To find out more about Julianne and her adventures as a writer and illustrator visit her blog at juliannestokes.blogspot.com, on Facebook at Julianne Stokes, and on Instagram @jstokesart.